PEKANA APO ODEDEM- Edemas including hepatic, renal, lymphatic, and subQ cell tissue


PEKANA APO ODEDEM- Edemas including hepatic, renal, lymphatic, and subQ cell tissue

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apo-OEDEM drops | Pekana Homeopahtic Remedies

Effective for treatment of different forms of edemas, including cardial, hepatic, renal, lymphatic and subcutaneous cell tissue*

apo-OEDEM drops also help relieve swollen ankles due to water retention, abdominal bloating and venous stasis.*


  • Aesculus 1X eliminates circulatory problems

  • Apocynum 2X strengthens the heart muscle

  • Convallaria 1X nervous heart conditions

  • Helleborus 4X promotes body harmony

  • Thuja 6X stimulates excretion

  • Sambucus nigra 1X diuretic

  • Spirea ulmaria 1X strong diuretic

  • Stigmata maydis 1X powerful diuretic

Aesculus 1X stimulates the kidneys and helps eliminate circulatory problems that can lead to swelling in the hands and feet.

Apocynum 2X functions similarly to strophanthin -- but without cumulative disadvantages -- by effectively strengthening the heart muscle against damage that could lead to hepatogenic and renal edemas.

Convallaria 1X addresses nervous heart conditions caused by infectious-toxic disruptions in the heart muscle, and helps strengthen the heart to prevent enlargement.

Helleborus 4X helps resolve Scarlet fever, meningitis, bronchial congestion and heart weakness. It also has a regulatory influence on the digestive organs and promotes the harmony of body functions and eliminates nervous-psychic sensations.

Thuja 6X stimulates excretion via the urogenital organs and helps the body compensate when the RES is debilitated by chronic infection.

Sambucus nigra 1X functions as a diuretic to reduce swelling throughout the body, including the feet, thighs and nasal and bronchial system mucous membranes.

Spirea ulmaria 1X works as a strong metabolic stimulant and diuretic that dissolves concrement caused by rheumatic conditions.

Stigmata maydis 1X heals inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract, acts as a powerful diuretic and treats heart conditions.

Adults: 15-20 drops, 3 times per day directly or in liquid
School Children: 7-10 drops, 3 times per day
Small Children: 5 drops, 3 times per day

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