MucorSan (Mucor racemosus)

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MucorSan (Mucor racemosus)


Known as Enderlein's flagship remedy, Mucor helps resolve chronic and acute illnesses of the blood caused by complex morphological structures. This remedy is used to treat pathological disruptions in the arterial and venous system, circulatory disturbances, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy (stroke), embolisms, glaucoma, varicose veins, thromboses, diabetic gangrene, phlebitis, hemorrhoids and constipation.*

Mucor also improves wound healing and helps eliminate congestion anywhere in the body.*

Drops 4X -- 5-10 drops 3 times per day
Capsules 4X -- 1 capsule 3 times per week
Suppositories 3X --1 suppository 3 times per week
Vials 5X --1 vial 1-2 times per week

CAUTION: When treating weak or elderly patients, or those who suffer from severely compromised circulatory systems or highly acute blood conditions, practitioners should administer weaker potencies of Mucor and lengthen the time between dosages. Stronger dosages increase the breakdown of pathogenic material, and the body often cannot excrete the dismantled toxins sufficiently. This delayed detoxification can cause a re-intoxification of the body and prevent desired therapeutic results. For this reason, it is essential that treatment with Mucor be accompanied by a pH adjustment and detoxification therapy -such as PEKANA homeopathic-spagyric medications --to ensure proper excretion.

Mucor regulates blood viscosity. Avoid using Mucor at least 7 days prior to surgery.

The effects of Mucor can be improved by the use of Subtilis or Mycobactin S. In addition, Mucor combines well with Aspergillus and the bacterial remedies Cereus and Firmus.

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